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Sick and Homebound

Mrs. Dorothy Kinney, Sarah Satcher,   Charlene Reeves, Tejuana Turner, Wendy McCall, Gearldine Lomax, Bertha Easley, William Carl Polk Jr., Eugenia Snyder, Barbara Scott, Andre Betts, Hester Houge, Mr. Bill Richie, Victoria Gray, Margaret Jackson, Michael Page, Elainena Martin, Mr. Willie Fritz, James Giovannini, Samuel Richards, Niaomi Edmunds, Sue Hellner, Ronnie Keith, Danielle Jackson, Chandra Jones, Deacon Bob Delbeke , Mr Lee Bell, Bonita White,Randolph Garbutt, Ida McAllister, Marty White, George Greenwald, Tyra Brooks, Zack Joseph, Edith Mary Conti.

Let Lovette Jackson know when members  of the Parish are in the hospital.

Please Remember these members in your prayers.

Matthew 10:1
Then he summoned his twelve disciples, he gave them authority over unclean spirits to drive them out and cure every disease and every illness.